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By Nemi

As a teenager it’s completely alright to have tantrums and go into phases because of you know, all the hormones and stuff.

Some of us go through different types of depressions and others might go through tough heartbreaks which might make us end our lives. But that's not the end of the world. People who have it hard also think of dying but they don't because they have a family to feed. If they can stay alive so can you. And believe me as I have also been in that phase but I'm not ashamed of my scars even I used to think what's the point in living, there's nothing to live for but I'm wrong of course there are hundreds of reasons to live, like for example: You still have to buy your dream house/pet/dress/car or anything and most importantly you can’t give up on life just because you are going through a few ups and downs in life, you really need to stay alive!

Start a bucket list, I have and I am going to cross every single line of my list no matter how angry or fed up I am with this life or on the people because there are still places to be discovered, books to be written and songs to dance to, mountains to climbs, milestones to achieve and so on.


 Last week I saw a movie recommended to me by my friends titled: ALL THE BRIGHT PLACES.

“All the Bright Places,” based on the best-selling novel of the same name, is chock full of the kinds of Young Adult tropes that aim to make viewers swoon and soak their hankies with tears. "All the Bright Places” rests on the notion that you never really know what others are going through, that people who seem to have it all together on the outside might have a lot more going on underneath. Perhaps that’s not a novel, earth-shattering concept, but it’s one that’s as worthwhile as ever. And the film’s frank talk about mental illness, suicidal thoughts, physical abuse and family loss is so potent and necessary that it makes you wish Fanning hadn’t been saddled with a treacly narration at the end, summarizing the themes. Young people are bright—they can handle these kinds of complex concepts. I personally liked this movie and would rate it an 8.5/10.

Here are some thoughts for you all:

1. How to stop time: Kiss

  • How to travel in time: Read

  • How to escape time: Music

  • How to feel time

  • How to release time: Breathe.

2. Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.

3. Don't cry when the sun is gone because, the tears won't let you see the stars.

4. There's no-one quite like YOU.

You still have miles and miles to reach so don't give up, find something that's worth living and live for it. I have found my 'something' and it's watching my favorite Animes (Japanese animations) and drawing my favorite characters,

listening to music and writing in my bucket list.

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