• Les Gazzette

By Soha Sharma

Motherhood: All love begins and ends there! 

This is to my Mother. 

I don't know where do I start from.

A woman who's the strongest woman I know, the most warm woman, a woman who carries the sun in a golden cup and moon in a silver bag, 

a woman who loves me even on my darkest days 

and this woman I call MOM! 

 My mother is legit the love of my life! 

I don't know how mom keeps it all together when everything seems to fall apart. 

I don't know how she is so selfless , how she keeps on going without expecting any appreciation. 

She's always given me her heart when my heart fell apart. 

She's given me her eyes so that I see the best in the worst. 

She's the one who's taught me to never give up and stand for myself. 

She's my strength , she's the woman I look up to and wish to become one day. 

If there's anybody in the world that loves me the most , listens to all my ramble, knows where all my stuff is and will never leave my side no matter what it's my MOM.

No matter how many times we fight, we argue, how many times I don't understand her, my mother will always be my heart's first home

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