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By Mehek Shaikh

Today, we are celebrating the 74th Independence Day of our country, INDIA.

For hundreds of years India was ruled by the United Kingdom and our country was a part of the British Empire. The British has taken over a lot of the world and India was one of its many colonies. After being ruled by them for years, the mutual feelings toward foreign rule really brought the country together. United, the people of the country struggled to free itself from British rule for many years. We officially became independent on 15 August, 1947. To commemorate this historic event, we celebrate our independence on 15th August every year.

India couldn't have gained independence without the leadership of leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Lal Bal Pal etc. Some of them chose the ways of non violence and some believed that nothing could be changed without violence.

Not just men but women like Adruti Laxmibai, Sarojini Naidu etc also fought for the Indian independence. History usually doesn't hightlight the contribution of females but it will always be appreciated and without them, this wouldn't have been possible.

But today as we celebrate our 74th independence day, I would take this opportunity to say that freedom comes from within. In order to be free you need to feel free. Its high time. People need to realize that putting major restrictions on any human being is just not acceptable. Every year on 26th January and 15th August we give speechs about 'freedom and independence' but what we don't realize is, its not just about the country. A person should be free to do what they like. A person should be free to speak up their mind. A person should be free to have opinions and voice them. A person should be free to live.

Even today there are a lot of women and a lot of communities that are being dominated by others. This is exactly what we don't want after 74 years of independence.

I would also want to salute The Indian Army for all the hard work that they do. They way they keep their country above everything else is commendable.

Today let us take some time to value our nation and never forget the sacrifices from those who gave us freedom. Happy Independence Day! Jai Hind!

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