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By Renu Sane

There is the whole world now following a philosophy of love yourself. We all have our own rules of living ourselves. This morning as me and my family sat on the dining table trying to explain to our child what does It truly mean to love ourselves, it dawned to me. There was no one whom I met who loved themselves as much as my father did.  A man who is known widely for his service to society and mankind. There has never been a person whom I have met whose life daddy hasn’t touched in some way or the other. Always ready to stand by the right, never has he let the fear of being alone or sidelined stop him from carrying out his duties as a citizen or as a Good Samaritan or as the responsible man of the community as the head of a huge family or as a father. Daddy has done all this and more and yet truly loved himself 

Love yourself probably means  taking care of your body, mind, hobbies, responsibility  and environment. Daddy lived his life and showed us how.  He would be the first to rise and head to his exercise a routine that I remember him following as a small child to his 70s. 2 hours of religious exercise.  He gave ample time to his spirituality and equal time to all the social work that he was engaged in. He loved books and loved to write and he would find time to read and write probably daily. An ardent fan of sports. His love for sports reminds me of a poem we had in the 10th- the spectator. He never missed a single tournament- cricket, football or tennis.  

A complete foodie and yet daddy has never missed his huge bowl of salad or boiled eggs or glass of milk with protein. He ensure he ate nutritious food daily. There has never been a family issue or celebration in which he has not been involved. He was the solution to the problems that many faced. Happily like a true head he was always available for friends and family. No body hosted get togethers like he did. It just stopped after he left. 

Probably this is what it is to love oneself and not what I was understanding reading all the whatsapp messages all this while. To love oneself is to be true to your mind, mental peace, happiness and all but it’s more important to take care of your body. Of practicing a daily act of charity and kindness. Of ensuring time for spirituality, of being there for your family and friends when needed. Of always following your hobby and interests.  Daddy this Father’s Day I thank you with all my heart for leading a life that you did. For setting such high benchmarks. Of helping us know what it is to truly love oneself. You daddy are truly majestic. You are the king.

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