• Les Gazzette

By Shreshtha Sane

Happy fathers to all the amazing fathers out there!

This article is for my papa, he is truly one in billion father. I'm not just saying that because he is my father but he truly is. He is such amazing father, he never stops me from doing anything but obviously he would argue a little. He never has let me down in my whole life. He has always had my back no matter what and I have his.

He is my partner in crime, many times we stay up all night watching movies and eating all the junk available, gossiping, watching tiktok and what not. Then there are morning where we just sit out in the balcony and just talk for a really long time. He always makes me laugh no matter what is his mood. He always defend me when my mumma is scolding me, even if I am wrong.

Till date I only sleep properly and peacefully when I am sleeping on his arms. Few days ago we were talking about "happy place" so papa you are my happy place and when I hug you I feel the most happy. Where ever I go you will always be my home. I might not say this often but i love you!

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