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By Saniya Somji

Sometimes i fail to understand how we treat happiness and content so difficult to be found, almost like it's impossible to imagine yourself being happy even though it's right here, within us. We forget to look around and notice everything we're blessed with just because one minor thing upset us today. We fail to understand that if we spill the milk, instead of crying over it we can clean it up. The power of what we let ourselves feel is in our hands. The power feeling a situation negatively or positively is with us. It's not wrong to feel sad or angry, but letting that sadness or anger consume you completely that you forget what being happy feels like, you forget that these emotions are a part of you and not the whole you, that's when it becomes toxic for you.

Happiness can be found in the smallest of things. You dont have to go out of your way to get it. Sometimes its just sitting by the window and watching the sunset, buying yourself coffee, listening to your favorite song on repeat. sometimes its spending the morning with your grandparents and talking to them about how life is different from when you were younger and how you miss sleeping to bedtime stories and waking up to their voices. sometimes its just laying in your significant others lap and reliving memories or making new ones. sometimes its talking to your long distance best friend or spending the day with the one who lives right next door. The idea of happiness in everyone's mind is different but it's not always the big things in life, sometimes all the small moments add up to make it greater than any other drawback in life.

Its pointless to lose a moment of joy over something that "could've been". Yes, you are allowed to be sad and you are allowed to cry and breakdown but just ask yourself, is it worth giving up the thought of happiness for?

We have complicated joy so much that now it seems like an almost impossible task to find it. We are so blinded by the darkness and negativity around us that we usually fail to notice that our happiness is right within us. We are so busy chasing all the other things in life that we leave our own happiness behind and end up feeling empty. We tend to forget that happiness gained from material things is temporary while happiness you make for yourself by the little things you do for you and those around you lasts. In a world where even life is temporary, why let sadness be permanent?

Happiness is simple. It's right within you.

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