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By Rhea Christian

We celebrate Mother's day or Father's day but we often tend to forget to appreciate another role models in our life, our grandparents. Grandparents are the special ingredient in the family mix. They are a little bit parent, a little bit teacher, a little bit bestfriend and a little bit patner in crime. There is no such thing as "generation gap" because children find it easier to open up and share their difficulties with them.Every child has a unique bond with their grandparents They have ample of knowledge and experience. They love unconditionally and pamper endlessly. They are very patient as they answer questions to the inquisitive grandchildren. Life lessons taught by them cannot be gained by reading lots of books.

Spending time with your grandparents, like sitting and talking about your day will just brighten their mood. Listening to their childhood stories and the things they liked to do when they were young will help them relive those memories with you which are very special to them. On their birthday giving them a handmade card or spending the whole day with them is a very special gift for them. When l was 7, l gave my grandmother a handmade card and l was surprised to see the same card in her nightstand for 9 years. The same with my grandfather when l was 4 and feeling bad that l didn't get him a gift l gave him the most precious thing that l had, my bead bracelet. And the bracelet is still in his closet.

Grandparents are the ideal memory makers. I still remember my grandfather massaging my head with oil, singing made up songs till l sleep, little fights on the remote, the gentle pat on my head when l cried, teasing me till i am annoyed. And my grandmother feeding me till my stomach bursts, boreing her with all my gossips, seeing her happy whenever she wins in a card game. Sometimes l used to lose on purpose just to make her happy.

When both parents in the family are working grandparents play a vital role to take care of their grandchildren. They provide a sense of security during tough times and having them by the side really make a lot of difference.Interaction with your grandparents will leave you with a storehouse of unforgettable memories and life lessons

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