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By Mehek Shaikh

Recently, an incident took place in Uttar Pradesh, India. A girl allegedly threw acid on a guys face because he refused to marry her. It is said that, Faizad had a love affair with the accused and when he started avoiding her calls and refused to marry her, she decided to throw acid on him.

Althought an FIR has been filed, it breaks my heart to see no one talking about this. No one fighting for justice. Sad truth, but had this been a girl in place of Faizad people would've protested and fought for justice. Feminism was started when females had no rights and were treated poorly by men and in the society. Feminism has led to a lot of changes in favour of women. In my opinion, today, we have entirely changed the meaning of feminism. Today, its often used as a way to degrade men. I personally feel that women instead of being at par with men are given more privileges.

Every now and then we get to know about men being raped and being victims in acid attacks and being accused of sexual harassment but no one raises their voice against this. I feel that EQUALISM is something that we should adapt. Equalism not only on the basis of gender but overall. India is a Democratic country. We have freedom of speech and we must raise our voice against injustice. We must acknowledge and take a stand for whoever has been wronged. Be it a girl or a guy.

I agree that the ratio of female male rape cases and acid attacks is probably 10:1 but there is that '1' who has been wronged. There's that '1' who feels humiliated and worthless every day of their life even though they know its not their fault. There is that '1' who looks up to us to help him. I'm personally not against feminism but I am totally against pseudo feminism. No human being should be treated differently on the basis of anything.

We as people need to understand thats its not just one community or one gender that is being wronged. Everyone is going through something or the other in their lives! Always be kind to people no matter what. Harassing them is not even an option! It hurts to see the world that we are living in today. Where some people can't go one day without violence. But this world can be a very beautiful place if we want it to be. Let us all live together, support each other and help each other grow! 

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