• Les Gazzette

By Rhea Christian

1• When did you decide to pursue engineering?

" It was never my plan to do engineering, when i was young my father observed that l love subjects maths and physics, it was very easy for me. When l finished my 10th he introduced engineering and he showed me the path to walk on which l will forever be grateful."

2•What were the hardships on this path?

" Well that time we didn't have any tuitions. Everything that was taught about engineering was in our college and if i didn't understand anything i had no one to go to, i had to sit with that doubt for hours and read many books to clear it. Based on it l would say that was the difficult part. Even if you read 10 books per month it is never enough. Engineering is a topic where understanding a concept is very important because if you don't understand it you could never apply it."

3• what was your mindset when you faced failures?

"According to me, without failing one cannot achieve anything in life, you have to fail to succeed. During my 7th semester i scored poorly but that did not stop me from achieving my goal. I was determined and l decided to work even harder the next semester and because my perseverance, determination and hardwork l scored the highest in my class."

4• What tips do you give to today's generation to pursue engineering?

" I would say that always listen to your mentors and take their help whenever needed. You should do what you like and you will never be tired of it. You should never push today's work for tomorrow, one should always complete their day to day tasks and lastly do not feel discouraged and sad when you do not get an expected outcome just remember failure is just a part of success "

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