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By Girija Nair

This is a ritual which a group of ladies are enjoying for the last few years. Read to know how to make it possible. There is always a want to meet and enjoy with friends. However, how do we achieve this while having busy schedules and responsibilities? How do I as an individual commit to spend time with my friends despite my family or my official responsibilities occupying my thoughts?

We are a group of 14 families who used to meet regularly. However, there was never an only ladies meet. However, once one member from these 14 ladies moved internationally, this thought had become a need. But again, the balance shifted more towards our other responsibilities. A solution was required! This is how the seeds of our only girls’ trip was sowed. Our own trip where we can be together and spend time without being bogged down by our other responsibilities. The decision to go was not easy, some of us had smaller kids, some had responsibilities of parents, some had the responsibility to follow different rituals at home, some of us were not sure if this was a good idea.

We then decided to go ahead with who were comfortable to park their responsibilities for a few days and enjoy themselves. Of course somewhere there was guilt, confusion, and doubts creeping up. However, we consciously parked them aside and moved ahead and voila we were ready for our first trip. The journey has been like a winding path with a lot of beautiful moments. Remember we are 14 ladies each one with their own strong personalities. Each with their own thought processes, each with their own insecurities and their own charm.  Planning and executing a trip is not easy when we are in different parts of the globe. Thanks to Whatsapp, communication was easy.  Messages started bouncing, ideas were flowing, and excitement was building up. Planning turned out to be a big herculean task.  It was not easy. Remember what I said, strong personalities…… and also it was our first time moving out of our comfort zones. There was lot of discussions about place, budget, and number of days. We finally zeroed down our destination to Hampi. Few of us backed out. They were still not sure about this idea. The idea did not resonate well with them. Accepting them for their choice, the rest of the gang moved ahead. The destination was not important, but the idea to relax with each other was the goal. On the tripe we did a lot of fun activites. But one that became a ritual was the decision to exchange gifts. This first trip set a precedence for the rest of the trips. And now, three years later, we have gone on three more trips- Dandeli, Pawankhind, and Bangalore.

This first trip gave us the confidence that we can plan more trips. The experience gave us the joy of being with each other, getting to know each other, having different opinions but still being together and having a blast of our life. Each trip was better than the previous, with each giving us treasured moments.  To all of you that are thinking about such trips we strongly recommend you to give it a try. It is energy for the soul, it’s a much-needed break and most importantly a time to rejuvenate yourself.

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