• Les Gazzette

By Rhea Christian

When we were young, we were just taught the names of various colors, but growing up we realized that there are different colors that men wear and different colors that women wear. We realized that most of the people have a stereotypical perspective. There are a lot of rules and regulations a person has to follow to fit in the society. But there are few people who are bold enough to break all the stereotypes and stand out in a crowd.

Men who wear makeup, or who choose not to grow a beard are ridiculed and laughed at. Not even celebrities are at the mercy of these people. Sometimes they even question their sexuality. I sometimes feel that colors should not be gender determined. Men can also wear pink.

BTS, worldwide famous K-pop boy band who stood out in this world by breaking all the stereotypes and their music. Even though they broke numerous records, some people still call them girls and whatnot. Just because they wear stage makeup and chose not to grow a beard. They even judge their music with prejudice giving a reason that the lyrics are not in English. 

Men who are interested in doing something in fashion are also frowned upon, society thinks that the fashion industry is "not fit for men." The society as too many issues with men breaking stereotypes, why is growing his hair like a girl?

Why is he putting on nail polish? That's what girls do. Don't cry like a girl MAN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!! These are some phrases we should try to change, this downgrades both men and women.

You are what you do, not what other people think about you.

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