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By Arshia Franklin

Dil Bechara is an adaptation of the popular 2012 novel ‘The Fault in Our Stars’. It’s a love story of two youngsters fighting cancer, Manny and Kizie and they live it up to their fullest without thinking about their future.

Sushant said a heartbreaking dialogue - “Janam kab lena hai aur marna kab hai yeh hum decide nehi kar sakte, lekin kaise jeena hai woh toh hum decide kar sakte hai", and the movie clearly shows that we should ‘live in the moment’ and not worry about what the future has for us.

In my opinion there could’ve been a better story and direction, as it’s an adaptation of the novel The Fault in Our Stars everyone had a bit of expectation because the hollywood movie of the same had set an impact on the people who watched it and that eventually made their expectations rise.

And here I’m not talking about the actors and their acting but about the story. There were a few scenes which in my opinion seemed incomplete or a bit difficult to comprehend.

Sushant Singh Rajput and Sanjana Sanghi did an amazing work and their acting seemed so real, as if they themeselves were going through it! Well that’s why they were apt for the role of Kizie and Manny.

As Kizie said “Jaise usne entry li, vaise hi ek din usne exit li. Aur phir mujhe akela chodh diya” this made us realise how someone can change our life and how unpredictable life is.

The dialogue that hit me and made me realise many things was when Kizie said “Jisne mujhe hasna sikhaya woh merr saamne ro raha tha , chilla raha tha. Aur main phir kuch nahi kar payi”. Not only physically but even mentally people go through a lot about which they don’t real talk about with others, so we should keep a check on the ones we love and also be kind to everyone because every individual is fighting their own battle about which we might not be aware of.

Who knew that Dil Bechara would be Sushant Singh Rajput’s last movie? Who knew what he was going through? Who knew that he would die not only in the movie but also in real life?

Something that we’ve learnt from this movie and from Sushant Singh is that live in the moment and live your life to the fullest because “kya pata kal ho, na ho”. And just be grateful for whatever we have and just love the people that matter to us because we shouldn’t regret once they’re gone that we didn’t get to say a final goodbye or things would’ve been different if he/she was alive.

So let’s just make the most of it with our loved ones.

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