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By Shreshtha Sane

When you say “she’s still wearing such revealing clothes even after all that she’s been through!”  When you call me “attention whore!”  Are you suggesting that because of my clothes, me wanting attention I got raped?! Is this your excuse to protect someone who raped and violates anyone like that just because his ego was hurt?

You are telling me I was guilty because I had a crush on him, I flirted with him and I wanted to go out with him so it’s obvious that I am guilty. I am confidence, I tell whatever comes in my mind and I go after what I want and it’s funny because many men have the same qualities but that’s what we girls like in them but with men it’s different, you see, because he’s a man. You need to understand, your problem is you don’t know how to conduct yourself, you have to be more responsible to stay out of trouble, right? Isn’t that what you taught me? You told me that I have to be more aware and careful because men can’t control themselves so we have to behave accordingly.  

If it is so important that I behave like doll, be careful, not wear revealing clothes then why is an infant getting raped?! Maybe because she was not wearing enough clothing, she was only wrapped in a piece of cloth or maybe she gave an indication to someone to rape her. A child so small that she couldn’t even sit properly was raped! Rape doesn’t only happen to girls there 92,748 men had been raped in US previous year.  So it is not my fault that the rapist climbed on top of me.

Why did you do that? Is it because you wanted power over me. And we kept quiet because we wanted a normal life which is not about this but it doesn’t leave me even of a second. It’s always there! Maybe because I kept it a secret and it kills me inside. Now I am ready to speak but is there anyone to listen. Is there anyone who will stand-up and tell me that’s it’s okay we can fight against this!

I’m at fault too. I was a part of this ridiculous society that helped raise a person to think that’s its okay to rape violate anyone like this. We all are fault and it high time we start questioning our society! 95% of rapists in India are still not convicted and 97% of the rapists are known to the victims of this we all are equally guilty.

This fight is not only for the girls but boys too. Let’s all of us raise our voice against this so called society!

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