• Les Gazzette

By Hansika Bhardwaj

Individuals fighting miniature battlefield ,

Being allegedly thrashed & beaten up to death,

highly gut wrenching yet brutal barbarity ...

A well intentioned conspiracy !

"Terrified shrieks , death pleadings , inflicted with pain & what not ..."

Such derogatory act reflects , how humanity has tended to sublime  & how inhumanity is spreading !

Ironically,men who are safeguarding us ( police except few) have  backstabbed us ,in the name of assurance for protection..."

Such implicit crime justifies them being cruel & savage beasts .

It's not only about George floyd ,Jayraj / bennicks , it's even about rape victims ,custodial deaths ...& other such heinous crime...

 May they  get comeuppance in the end ...

Such happenings annihilates individuals completely !

Sometimes  cases are shut down & victims are provided with mere compensation.

& yet justice remains unfounded ...

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Image source- google search engine.