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By Rhea Christian

hear a coronavirus survivor's story from our very own Sania Inamdar.

How did you get exposed to covid 19?

"My family was extremely cautious from the start and we were in total isolation for the last two months that means we haven't even ventured out and yel we caught it at home. How?  Well, Medical supplies? Delivery? No idea, but something brought it to my doorstep and it took over and trust me nobody is immune."

How to perp our body for this war?

" If you want my honest opinion then being mentally prepared and accepting the fact that it is actually around you. My family and l were taking in vitamin C and multivitamins to keep our immunity high. Breathing exercises, your lungs have to be strong after all the virus targets our respiratory system so make your lungs strong to fight the virus. Drinking hot water or other home remedies like turmeric and kadas also helps."

How was the environment of the hospital?

" As l was healing in the hospital with my family. I was looking at the doctors and staff running through the floors handling each patient with so much compassion, though they were short staffed they had worn their capes and taken all the responsibilities with a smile. Only prayers go out to them, they haven't seen their families for a month and lived in the hospital. The petal showers are not enough they deserve more. Respect to all the Healthcare workers, police and the Maharashtra State Authorities" 

What advice do you give to the people who are scared to report?

" Don't be afraid to inform the authorities if you test positive, they are doing their duty to make sure everyone are safe. Hiding your symptoms and being afraid to get test is a criminal offence and unfair to those who move around you unknowingly. Be fair to others it is your responsibility towards humanity."

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