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By Arshia Franklin

Isn’t it funny how people are waiting for the day they can start living their normal lives and go for work, college or school again whereas they were the ones who also wanted a 6 months vacation twice a year!

You’ll see people cribbing about the problems they’re facing due to the lockdown i.e. how their trips/events/parties got cancelled and how they can’t meet their friends and family, some are also cursing the police because they’re not letting them roam around, but wont take that positively as to how the police are putting their lives in danger to save others.

They’re also putting up stories/posts on social media about what all they’re doing and captioning it ‘Quarantine made me do it’,instead this can be taken as an opportunity for everyone to discover their hidden talents or learn new things as well.

But everyone is so engrossed in their selves and getting used to the lockdown that they have forgotten about being grateful for what they have right now,that’s the least anyone can do because the real problem that people are facing these days are those who used to earn their wages on daily basis. Like the rickshaw drivers, peddlers, street vendors, laborers, etc. The problem that we’re talking about here is something that a large portion of the society is facing, so many families are sleeping empty stomach or skip meals so that they use the minimum food supplies that they have for a longer time. And this problem is faced mainly by the lower class because they don’t get a fixed income nor do they have a secured job. Since the companies are shut due to the pandemic,people have been removed from their jobs/have been asked to resign even though the government has given orders of not removing anyone from their jobs and they should also be given their salaries.

Even the companies are facing tremendous losses as their businesses have come to a halt and therefore there’s no inflow of revenue.

Prices of majority of the goods specially the necessities like fruits,vegetables,meat,etc. have hiked up as there’s an increase in demand but supply is less.

This unusual increase of prices is also one of the reasons why the poor can’t afford to buy them.

But there are a few organisations that are providing food to the needy and spreading awareness about the COVID-19 as well so that precautions can be taken accordingly. There are also a few actors,politicians and businessmen that are helping the poor by donating money or helping in distributing food packages to them and such good deeds need to be acknowledged.

The worlds’ economy has fallen and for us to get back to our normal lives, it’s gonna take a lot of time.So in my opinion, we need to be grateful for what we have and make the most out of this lockdown.

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