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By Mehek Shaikh

Bro code is the basic friendship etiquette that one should follow. It basically originated from the show 'How I Met Your Mother'.

A real friend will always follow the bro code no matter what! A real friend will always be there for you. A real friend will always have your back in the worst situations. A real friend is trustworthy. No matter what the situation is they won't let anyone else know about your secrets. They take your secrets to their grave. No matter how much they love her they won't try on her if you do too. A real friend will never let a girl/boy come in between their friendship.

I personally don't think bro code is a boy thing. I feel its a friendship thing. Everyone should follow it.

But at times, people take the bro code in a very wrong way. One should always draw a line between being a true friend and being an honest and responsible human. If your friend is committing an inhuman crime right in front of you, you don't stay shut and cover up for him in the name of bro code. If your friend is taking advantage of a drunk girl at the bar, you don't stay shut and enjoy the scene just because its your "BRO" doing it. You take a stand for the girl. You tell your friend that what he's doing is wrong. You stop him. The 'BRO CODE' often makes people lie about unacceptable things for their friends. For example, if you know that your friend is cheating on his girl, you'd cover up for him knowing that what he's doing is wrong and would leave the girl shattered into pieces. We need to know and understand the difference between being a friend and a human! But, the bro code, in many aspects is also a good thing. It makes the friendship strong. It makes one believe that their friend would be there for them unless and until they are doing something unacceptable.

Following the bro code means being a good and a loyal friend. Knowing that a girl or a guy might cheat on you but your friends would never break your trust. Knowing that you can go to them with your problems even if you all are on bad terms.

"A person has the right to choose who they date even if it's their friends ex". I agree. No one would be happier to see you happy w someone they've dated. But a true friend will always be happy for you. But its also important for you to consider their feelings. Talk to them about it. Ask them how they feel about it. And they would support you no matter what! True friends also consider their friends feelings before taking any decisions related to them. Being a true friend means doing the right thing and following the right path with your friend.

A person who follows the bro code but is also a responsible human and friend at the same time is a REAL AND LOYAL friend!

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