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Updated: Dec 27, 2020

By Tiya Parmar

A week ago marked the start of the Netflix stream fest, a two day event in which Netflix was giving free accounts to everybody across India. I’m quite sure everybody was thrilled, and awaiting the weekend in earnest. I know I was. There was one series I had been longing to see for a while. So, just as the clock struck 12 for the 5th of December, I had created and logged into my new Netflix account. For those two days, I watched almost 10 episodes of the series and around 4-5 movies. Quite a lot, if you ask me.

That was probably the most I had ever used my phone in a single day. It was unhealthy, I knew that. I wasn’t getting enough sleep. I had a slight headache but still, I couldn't stop clicking on Next to watch another episode or another movie.

Was my mind so weak that even after knowing the way these platforms worked, I couldn't escape the cycle of addictive streaming? Why wasn’t I able to control myself?

I have heard about the tricks of their trade, and I’ve been warned several times, to watch out for them. But like the mouse who couldn’t resist the cheese, I too, got trapped.

The attraction of no annoying ads, not waiting a week for another episode, and the fear of not utilising what you’ve got for a limited period of time and let's not forget the wonderful dopamine rush my brain received! What’s not to enjoy?

However, busy enjoying the show, we often forget that these are just parlour tricks meant to fool us. We are so lost in the great content presented to us that keeps us fixed to our seats, that we lose the little self control we do have. Because honestly what harm is one more episode, one more movie going to do, right?

Often when we are watching a series or a movie, with the promise of only one hour, we end up watching the content for two or more hours. This is both a fact and a problem. But don't all problems have multiple solutions? What is yours? What breaks the binge watching cycle for you? My parents shouting at me to PUT MY PHONE DOWN, does it for me.

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