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By Arjun Clc

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the term “ART”?

Painting, drawing, writing, dancing, photography, sculpting and the list goes on. We can, so, define our perception of art as an act of bringing a result out of one’s creative skill and talent. The Wikipedia defines Art as a “diverse range of human activities involving the creation of visual, auditory or performing artefacts (artworks), which express the creator's imagination, conceptual ideas, or technical skill, intended to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power”. But could this be art all about? The answer that I would say for this question is “NO”.

THEN WHAT “ART” COULD POSSIBLY BE ALL ABOUT? We should accept the fact that no one ever is capable of performing all worldly activities efficiently and fluently. From a class of 20 students, not all are good at science and not all are good at Social and similarly Maths. Furthermore filtering down, not all the students good at science are good at the three subjects of science (i.e,) Physics, Chemistry and Biology. This applies for both Social and Maths too. This case is not true just for a class of 20 students and their ability to understand different subjects but for the 7.8 billion people living on this world currently and the different activities that exist; this will exist to be true even further through the time when the population of this world would have most probably increased.

About the time when we talk about arts and artists, we take into discussion the special talent or creative skill that one possesses. This can be extended even to a nature of a person, an ability of a person or a skill of a person APART FROM A CREATIVE PERSPECTIVE. When a person can do something (a creativity-based one) that not all can efficiently do, say, dancing or painting, we call them an “Artist”. Likewise, take every activity that exists in this world- driving, cleaning, studying physics, studying maths, playing cricket, carrying out a robbery, murdering, playing a video game, teaching and the list is endless. If we notice, we all would accept the fact that none of us can “efficiently” perform all the activities in this world. One can do only a particular set of activities efficiently and properly while not being perfect in the others. Let us now consider the following set of examples: 1)A student studying physics properly and efficiently with proper understanding 2)A person’s ability to clean even the clumsiest room and convert it into a beautiful place that it never had been before. 3)A person performing a robbery/theft/murder.

From all above-mentioned examples, it is plausible to say that one person cannot do all the above-mentioned activities properly. Ex (1) We all study physics but not all studies it efficiently and with proper conceptual understanding. Only some amongst us can study it properly with complete efficiency. Ex (2) We all can clean a room and more certainly we all would have cleaned our own rooms if not even our whole house. But, can we be certain that we all can clean a clumsy place? and more specifically convert it into a beautiful place that it had never been before? The answer would be a definite “NO”. Ex (3) Of all people who exist only a certain set of people are called robbers/thieves/murderers. Only the people who can carry out a robbery/theft/murder or any crime efficiently are called by the name of criminals. Not all of us can properly carry out a crime without turning the mission into a failure. In all these examples a person has been subjected under the ability of “properly and efficiently” carrying out a specific activity. When we call a person as an artist based upon his/her skill to do a creativity-based task that not all can do, the same parameter can be extended even to the non-creativity-based activities that are there. A student studying physics “properly and efficiently”, which not all can do- He is an ARTIST and the activity he performs is an ART. A person cleaning a very clumsy room and making it into a beautiful space- He is an ARTIST and the activity he performs is an ART. A person performing a crime “properly and efficiently”- He is an ARTIST and the activity he performs is an ART. The definition of “Art” and “Artist” can, therefore, be concealed as:

“If a person can perform an activity that not all can ‘properly and efficiently’ carry out, the activity that he/she is doing is an ART and the person performing it is an ARTIST” WHAT CAN AND CAN NOT BE “ART”?

Every activity performed around us can be called as an “Art” as long as it satisfies the about mention definition as a criterion. Science, maths, robbery, teaching, sports, harassment, bullying, running, everything is an art. Those activities that can be performed by a huge majority cannot be considered as an “Art”. Art does not always need to a good and a beautiful thing. It can also be an act that is bad, ugly, cruel, grotesque and selfish.

NECESSITY IS AN ART We all would have heard the phrase “Necessity is the mother of invention”. However, if you ask me, according to what we consider as “Art”, if the above-quoted phrase is true? My answer would be a big “NO”. But why? Let me help you understand the reason behind my rebellious answer by breaking down and explaining the very phrase, which is our topic of discussion:

“NECESSITY IS THE MOTHER OF INVENTION” When do you think we equip ourselves with a necessity? It

is when we imagine ourselves leading a better and easier life that we get a necessity. “We imagine”. Imagining something from nothing is an ability that not all can perform. Imagining needs talent. Not all can imagine a beautiful and better way of living. With regard to what we have defined as art, imagination is an art for it is not something that all can perform. The people who invented the things of necessity “imagined” living life easier with a piece of equipment that is yet to be made. Those people are “Artists” before we call them a scientist, an engineer, a visionary or by any other designations and the technology and their scientific brain only “helped” to make that imagination come true. If not for their “imagination”, the technology and their scientific knowledge would have been of no use

. Of course, there have been several inventions, which were a mere result of an accident, but with the majority? They were not merely an accident. Henceforth, a necessity arises when one imagines, therefore, “imagination is the mother of necessity”. But it’s not over, yet. “Imagination”, according to the above-established theory is an “Art”. Therefore, this is how the quote should be rephrased: “ART IS THE MOTHER OF INVENTION”

ART IS THE ONLY THING WE NEED What do you think is the most important factor governing this world? Money? Technology? New inventions? God? “NO!” If it had not been for money and technological/economical development, the only thing that we need to follow to live happily is “KINDNESS”. If we had not expected money in return for the services that we provide, but perform it out of kindness for others and out of self-duty to ensure that every one sufficiently got everything that they needed, the invention of “money” wouldn’t have come into existence. Now, talking about “kindness”, kindness is an “Art” for it is not something that all can “properly and efficiently” showcase. If we all are generously kind to one another from the bottom of our heart, we don’t need to exchange goods and services for money but do for each another for free out of our love and affection to our fellow humans. Yes! If all are kind to all from the “bottom of their heart”, then kindness would no longer be an “art” for everyone can then showcase it “properly and efficiently”. But, it is okay to sacrifice the “art of kindness” for nothing is wrong if it can make all our fellow beings to be kind, affectionate and united.

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