• Les Gazzette

By Nishtha Bhasin

And Here I Stand 

And here I stand again with my bros ,

With the moon so bright and the night so dark

With the old fear that had once last.

The fear of stepping out of our home's,

The fear of saying goodbye to our mom's.

And the fear to leave the surroundings that are ours,

The place we don't mind spending hours .

And here we stand holding each other's hands,

Recollecting all the moments and the fun we had.

All the gaming sessions and the one day trips

Our never ending gossips and the periods we skipped.

Are all today a memory that we have in our heart,

With lots of love that will always last .

And here we stand again tonight ,

Having tears in our eyes with a wide smile .

Bidding farewell to our so called second home,

Where we have spent our days clicking pictures while we roam.

I can never say goodbye to a place like this,

Which gave me the best people and the best moments which I'm surely gonna miss 

- Nishtha Bhasin

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