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By Vaishnavi Warrier

Writing diary entries has been an activity for me ever since I was about 10 or 11. Initially, I used to stick to the norm of writing every day. My regularity started to slowly decrease over time. It was so to such an extent, that on some days I only used to write a line.

After a while, I stopped feeling the urge to write a diary entry every single day, and I made it a point to only write about significant or unforgettable incidents- a vacation, a birthday celebration, a special dish that I prepared with help from my mother like ​biryani​ or cake (I even wrote how it tasted), hanging out with friends, fights with my best friend, days where I felt off and so on. Penning down these experiences in intricate detail really helped me to get things out of my head, organize my thoughts, and calm down.

Last year, in the beginning, my mother bought me a pocket-sized yearlong diary, which I used to carry everywhere, and where I noted down whatever I did the whole day, for a whole 365 days! After I wrote it, I would show it to my mother and we would laugh about it. Writing all of this made me really happy, it gave me a sense of relief, that an experience of mine has been recorded for me to cherish while reading years later.

Along with writing diary entries, I began to write other kinds of things too. My parents bought me a journal, where I wrote descriptions or lists about little things I saw around me that got me inspired- names of new songs, names of new books, random lists about any topic, my favorite poems, monologues from movies, list of things that I would need when I buy a new apartment for myself, ideas that I found on the internet, and so on. I also doodled on the sides to make it look more artistic, and lively. This gave birth to the creative side of mine.

Writing things down gave me a chance to express myself in a way that I never did before. It led me to self-discovery- I learnt things about myself that I wouldn’t ever have if I hadn’t given it a deep thought. Writing allowed me to be myself, in the utmost raw form, and embrace myself for the way I truly am. It took me to a whole new world, an alternate reality, but also realistic if properly modelled upon.

It is overwhelming to know yourself in every way possible. There are a lot of instances of you that sit, hidden from the infinite. Write about anything that is in your mind. Get it out. Get it out of your subconscious. Out to the open. Because if you do, you will take to the air, a new sense of self, away from everything you doubted yourself on.

You will fly.

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