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By Kashvi Ranka and Deshna Parekh

Like most kids with siblings, I always tease and fight with my little sister. There is this one little prank that is a favourite classic: telling them they're not related to us or the family.

I always used to tell my sister that she was, in fact, the maid's daughter. So one day I decided take it a step further; I hatched a plan and told my mum I wanted to learn how to write a signature and if she could show me how she wrote hers. On that page, I, then drafted a beautifully heart-wrenching letter and placed it in my sister's cupboard . In a gist, the content of the letter was something like this: "Dear , I have been keeping this a secret but have to tell you that you are the maid's daughter..." Needless to say, when my sister found that note, she cried her eyes out. She was full on bawling (while I was crying with laughter). There is just something about her that turns me into a sadist. I think all those with siblings can agree on that!

Anyway, when my parents found out what I had done, I was as good as dead. But, it was worth it.

To this day, I try and inconvenience her in every which way possible. I make her cry and turn into an ugly monster. And she does the same. And when we get in trouble, we both try to push the blame on the other. Such is life with a younger sibling.


So, let's set the facts straight- living with a younger siblings has more disadvantages than advantages. My sister is a dramatic and bossy four year old, whose demands are always met and I, who is 7 years older than her, have to do what she says. Let's just not go into what happens when I refuse!

We have so many unnecessary and pointless fights with one predetermined winner. Guess who that can be?

Yep. You guessed right. Her!

When my mom brings home my favourite pastry for me, and she suddenly decides she wants to eat it, she will eat it. She will do whatever she wants, when she wants. There's literally no stopping her.

In contrast to her devilish behavior, she looks like a sweet, sweet angel. A deadly combination! Whenever family and guests come to visit, they're always fawning over her. Even, I used to be pretty susceptible to her cute pouts and puppy eyes, but I've learnt to grow immune. Now, we do whatever she wants just to shut her up.

Such is life with a younger sibling.

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