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By Shreshtha Sane

My uncle has been doing great work helping loads of people with food, travel etc during this pandemic. I was wanting to cover his story but the humble soul that he is he shared with me 2 stories of unseen super heros. Both these amazing Good Samaritan are a proof you do not need too much wealth, facilities and time to help society. All that you need is a loving heart and empathy for mankind.  I will be sharing one with you this week. 

Srinivas lives on a street at akurdi station. He is partially disable with one leg. Inspite of living on the streets He is extremely clean and hygienic.  A man barely existing hand to mouth. But during this pandemic when the daily wages workers are most effected, he ensures he feeds them. There are few who have donated tea powder and sugar to him. With that donation he feeds about 10-15 people both in the morning and in the evening with tea. 

He receives about 30-40 chappatis daily, he cooks the vegetable himself and feeds about 15-20 people with chappati and bhaji. On the days that chappati count my vary he will make the chappatis also himself. 

Beyond all this good work that he is doing he is  honest and sincere. When my uncle offered to give him tea and sugar for the coming weeks he humbly denied saying that he is well stocked for now. 

As I heard the story I remembered the famous quote by Henry Wods worth’s Longfellow “the life of a man consists not in seeing Visions and dreaming dreams but in active charity and in willing service. God bless Srinivasan with abundance.

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