• Les Gazzette

By Foram Shah

Mothers are indeed the angles🧚send by God on earth.From teaching us walking, eating, teaching good habits in childhood to teaching us cooking, to be brave, to never give up, live in moments she is truly amazing.From taking care of everyone to managing her household works she is just perfect.She is our doctor, mentor, supporter, best advisor, she is our inspiration, she is everything🥰.For world she is our mother, but for us she is our whole world.From being daughter and sister to being wife and mother she plays her role so perfectly.The pain she bears for giving a birth to the child is incredible.MOM🥰 are just WOW.She is amazing, she matters a lot, she is truly a blessing.She deserves a lots of respect, whatever we do in our whole life is so less in comparison to what she does for us.And most importantly, she always teaches us to be the better person️.She is truly a precious gem.


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