• Les Gazzette

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

I hate when I am in pain

I hate it when I cry

and yet you don't seem to understand why

I hate it when I feel all alone

even in a crowd

I hate it when I put on

a fake smile, just to

make you proud

I hate it when people tell me I have changed

I hate it when you judge me

after all I did

is what you asked me to

I hate it when I feel

I have no one to talk to

even after you say

"I'll always be there for you"

I hate it when I do same things as you do

yet I'm always wrong but not you

I hate it when you don't understand

anything I speak ever

I hate the most when I say

"I am okay" when I am not!

I hate the fact I can't get anything done

most of all I hate the emptiness

I feel all day and all night.

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